i just found out my husband and I have body lice. Started a little bite first and thought flea. No chemical treatment worked. Finally got samples and they are lice. We threw most of our furniture and clothes and have been washing all our clothes in hot water or dry cleaning. We washed all our clothes and bed linen in the same day we wear or uses them. Use dryer at least one hour. We never wear . Keep all clean clothes in thought sealed containers. Vacuum everyday threw away sweeper bags. Take shower twice a day and one epsom salt bath. But it's getting worse and hopeless. I used all chemicals. But the issue is our environment. No matter how many ch we clean our house they are still in our environment. Cars work, between paper work... I'm tired and feel like never ends. I tried vinegar. I cleaned wall and ceiling. Ammonia. Bedlam, microcide sq, DE, they are on my feet and hair. Doctors can't help us. I took ivermectin and tried two tubes of body cream. No much improvement. I can see white pecks as soon as I get in my car. They land on me. Same way at my work. I can feel them from pic and even iPhone. I saw a few people suffer from same thing but no one really share how they get rid of them. Please please please help me! Is there any silver bullet???? Thank you