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I recently went to a local gym with a friend and while she was doing her workout one of the staff offered me to try the Flabelos vibration machine, claiming that 10 minutes of using this machine is about the same as an hour of exercise. Since it did really feel like I’ve exercised after those 10 minutes, judging by how my muscles felt, it seems to me like exercising on this machine together with cutting back some calories might help me lose some weight.

What I’m not sure about is, how often and how much can you exercise on Flabelos and will it really help me lose weight?



when it comes to losing weight chances are that claims like '10 minutes on the Flabelos machine is the same as an hour of exercise' are most likely too good too be true. Otherwise, barely anyone would have weight issues in the first place. It's far more useful for you to think about Flabelos as one of the tools that will help you tone your muscles, while cutting back some calories and eating healthy, together with proper exercise (even half an hour daily) should be your main focus, because so far those are the two main things that are proven to help people lose weight efficiently.