I have been smoking weed for a few years now but now i do it less than i did before. like only every second week end or somthing like that. i still like the feeling of smoke so i have been smoking cigarets for the past few months. not every day but still pretty often. i have been rather depressed lately and im not really sure why. The smoking seems to make me feel ok, like i can handle everything. Because im only 15 it is hard for me to get cigarets all the time. a little while ago i was craving smokes but didnt have any so i cut myself and it seemed to help with the craving. today i cut myself again but a bunch of times on my uper arm because i wanted smokes. The cuts bled and now they are very visible on my arm. I really dont want to mark up my body with scars but i have no idea what to do when i am craving smokes, and cant get them. Can someone please help me? No judgement please. I am aware that doing drugs and smoking is bad.