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Hi, there. My doctor told me I had pre-diabetes. I must admit that I have never heard about this condition. I would like to know how to postpone the onset of diabetes type 2. How should I treat pre-diabetes? I would really appreciate if someone could give me more info on this.



Pre diabetes is not something to ignore. What kind of symptoms are you experiencing? Usual symptoms are frequent urination, blurred vision and extreme fatigue. The thing is that important thing for pre diabetes treatment is diet. You have to understand that with proper diet you can do so much. Try to eat healthy and try to lose weight. Exercise is important as well. Try to do exercises at least three times a week. Cardio exercises are very helpful for maintaining good weight balance.

Are you smoking? If you are, you should stop. You should monitor your blood sugar regularly and blood pressure as well. Has your doctor given you any medication to use now? Has he told you about any other treatment options?