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I had a circumcision last Friday and my glands are still way too sensitive for me to touch. I didn't think it would be this bad but from what I've read on this site and others what I'm experiencing is completely normal.

A lot of people suggest wrapping the head in gauze/bandages or wearing tight boxers so the glands get used to being up against clothing, also so that the glands don't move about much. I've read others say the skin over the glands needs to harden though so it's best to expose the head as much as possible and not keep it covered as this might slow the hardening and keep the head hypersensitive sensitive for longer.

So which is the better option? Put some tight underwear on so I get used to the rubbing or keep lounging in loose trousers with no underwear to maximise exposure?




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The better option is the one that you like best. Covering it will help to keep it from rubbing against your clothing but I expect it will still move around a bit on your glans.Probably the quickest way to desensitize it is to allow it to touch everything. I'm not cut but I did desensitize mine because I was tired of it being so sensitive. I found the easiest way was to clean it well using rubbing alcohol to remove all the stuff that made it sticky. That way it was easy to slide my fingers over it to make it get used to being rubbed. Your fingers aren't as rough as clothing so I would think you could speed up the process by cleaning it like I did and spending as much time as you can touching and rubbing it with your fingers.