I have been in a bad marrage for almost 15 years, where I have been placed on anti depressants to try to deal with life and raise my child with his father. I finally had my fill and decided to get a divorce. My husband and I use the same family Dr. and I went to him for help, I felt so guilty for failure to "stick in there" until my child got out of school, and had not been on meds in quite a while (I hate to take any thing) I was asking if I could have some thing for my nerves and depression to help go through this tough time. My husband knew I had gone to see him, we were not seperated at the time yet. He made a apt. to see him also. He was going to get info about me, my dr. told him he thought I was bi polar and discussed the route he thought he might take to help me with him. Which My husband then went and beat me to file for the divorce so he could get custody of our 14yo son and put that I was bi polar on the divorce papers! Mind you I was not dx with this and this was a gp doctor and he had no right discussing my mental health with any one unless I gave permission which I did not. Which in turn has caused me much grief and expence. Can I sue the Dr. and also can I use this against my husband for seeking and getting my medical info behind my back? Please help