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I have type 2 diabetes and am wondering how others' blood glucose is after exercise? My seems to fluctuate depending on how long and what type of exercise I do. If I just walk, it doesn't change too much, but if I lift weights or do zumba it's a lot lower and sometimes I feel weak. 


It is variable as far as how much exercise will lower your blood sugar.  It can depend on the activity, the intensity, the duration of the exercise, and how high your blood sugar was before exercising.  So as you can see, it is impossible to determine how much your blood glucose will be after exercise.  If you know that exercise like Zumba or lifting weights can make your blood glucose go low and make you weak, you may want to eat something first, like 15-30 grams of carbs so it can allow you to keep your sugar up.  You may just cut the duration of the activity to keep the blood sugar from dipping too low.