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I cant get myself to cum or squirt. ive tried everything.. Need suggestions any thing will help!!


If you've tried everything, then there's nothing left to do!! However, everyone is different, and what works for one does not always work for another.

Technique sometimes depends on size. For instance, you would handle a small clitoris differently from a large one. The only known function of your clitoris is pleasure, so that is the main centre of attention to start with, but don't ignore other areas like your breasts and the area between your labia majora and minora.

Also, your clitoris might be too sensitive to touch directly, and indirect stimulation might be better. Then there is your g-spot to massage, but be very careful if you wish to retain your hymen intact.

Your biggest sex organ is your brain, so you may need to focus more on what you are doing and feeling. Also, watching porn can desensitise you mentally and physically as well as raise false expectations. I would strongly advise against that.

Make sure you are relaxed and well lubricated, and take your time. Maybe what you are doing needs just slight adjustment, but you don't say exactly what you do at present.

If you want more specific help, then please ask (privately if you prefer).

I hope this helps as a start.