I had an abortion like 10 weeks ago with pills and I am still bleeding but usually I get blood spots. Occasionally I get small clots when I bleed a little heavy which happens every few days. Had an ultrasound twice and doctors said my uterus is clear but I wonder why clots then? Also took antibiotics for a week to clear out any infection , even though I do not take medication. Doctors say it could be hormonal imbalance and should get back to normal itself or I can take pills. 

I really hope the bleeding stops soon now as this is worrying and depressing me. I do not want to get my uterus cleaned. Rather it cleans itself. I don't really get paCan anyone suggest what and why it is happening?

Today I did start taking Vitex Agnus Castus as it balances hormones naturally (it's a herb). Next week I am going to go for another check up as I am not satisfied at all.

Can anyone suggest what and why this is happening? Thank you