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im a 15 year old boy who desperatley needs to loose some weight !!!
im always out playing football and i only seem tom put weight on, but mostly through fizzy drinks (e.g Coke) and junk food. i have been drinking only water for the last few days though
im anoid with myself as all my friends are muscley or have a good body shape :-(
i want a girl friend, i cant get one because of my weight
im 11.5 stone, my friends are only 8 or 9 !!!

help me please !


I'm a 14 year old girl who needs to loose about 35 pounds to be my appropriate weight, but n never have time to mork out because I'm always busy with other things. Please help me find a way to loose weight, and still be able to stick to my usual routines!!!

Thank You!![/enc]


Your situation seems not bad as you have much more increased physical activity.

Fast weight loss is not too godd for your muscles, as the faster you lose weight, the more muscles you actually lose, not fat. So be warned about using fat burners.

If you want to make some weight loss, reduce unhealthy food from your ration (gamburgers, McDon meals).

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Getting a girlfrieng does NOT depend of your weight.

Try to remove junk food and you'll see great results - you've got football activity - it's great for losing weight, but you diminish those gerat results with eating junk food.

So choose - junk food and Cola or sweet and sexy girls


hi ...
dont let your self estseem get down over a girl you dont have to have a girlfriend just cause all your guy friends have them ... and if she donst love you for you are then i wouldnt consider her your girl friend ... kay kay well just be your self ...