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hi i am 12 and i am 13 stoon my hight is 5'2 and i need to lose wight  :-(  i all ways feel embaressed i am going in to the convint this september and now it is may i need help i am a really shy pearson and it dose not help being fat plz if you no how i can get thin fast it would be some help  ?


Well, first I would like to know if you are truly overweight - ask a doctor, or an adult who you trust. Losing weight FAST is DANGEROUS for anybody - but especially for someone at your age. If you indeed are overweight, you should need to lose the extra fat gradually. 

However, you can still lose weight relatively quickly without working too hard. Try these tips :

1) Eat less food at night, maybe stop eating at 7:00 P.M.

2) Add more exercise to your daily routine. Try to incorporate it so that you are walking/biking/jogging daily without thinking about it too much.

3) Eat more healthy foods (SURPRISE!). Fresh and cooked vegetables, fresh fruits, yogurt, nuts, seeds.

4) Eat LESS junk foods: Chips, and similar snack foods. Less candy. Less soda.

If you follow these simple tips, you will definitely begin moving towards a healthier weight. Good luck!