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ok well im 13 and im 5,1 i weigh 160-150 and my doctor says i should loose 30 pounds how could i do that when school starts..i come home at 2:15 and my homework takes me and hour and chores take me and hour ..what do do!!!


Hi, well since you have such limitations of time you could considering doing your chores with some extra motivation. I mean, try to over do everything that you do. Just drain your energy, do stuff fast and try to be energetic. Doing your homework also helps, mental activity burns almost the same amount of calories as physical activity. So when you come home to do homework, try to concentrate harder than before and that will help you burn some extra calories.

Other thing you could do is once you are done with homework and chores, go outside and play some sport, basketball, soccer, football, table tennis. Anything that requires physical activity. Im sure you can fit one hour for physical activity in your schedule. And you dont have to do it every day, make it like 4-5 days a week. If you want a faster way to loose weight you could also avoid eating anything after 7pm, that helps a lot.