Hi There!

I have recently opened a company called Resolution Pancreatitis Support and need stories for research!

If you have successfully quit drinking alcohol (whether due to pancreatitis or not) your stories and advice could be used to help many Pancreatitis patients that are faced with the life or death 'choice' to give up the booze.

It doesn't matter what your reasons for quitting have been, if it's been a success, let us know! Pancreatitis kills patients who continue to drink, and my hope is to provide advise and a support network for people who have suffered.

My story- I'm 25 now and used to drink around 2/3 cans of lager each weekday and maybe 15 cans throughout the Weekend. I was diagnosed with acute Pancreatitis in June 2011 and quit drinking straight away- but did struggle. I doubted the advice given and thought that very limited drinking would be fine- This was not the case for me. After my second outbreak of pancreatitis, I know I can no longer drink. At all. I'm getting used it in my own ways and would like to hear your stories of sobriety, and how you have adapted your social life