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I'm fourteen and STILL haven't hit puberty, all my friends have but I haven't witch makes me even more worried. My penis is realy small, I mean REALY small like one inch. When I masterbate, I produce a wet water like substance. I'm almost certen its not sperm though. This is realy affecting my socal life. I think I may never hit puberty... I need help! :( Many thanks.


Hi Guest,

You are NORMAL.

Do NOT compare yourself to others.  Everyone develops at different rates/times.  Some guys get big early, others later.  Your penis can grow into your early 20's.

Signs of puberty include: pubic hair, armpit hair, leg hair, facial, and chest hair, your voice will deepen, your testicles will get bigger and "drop."  You'll also be able to ejaculate.

Semen often appears clear and watery when you first start to ejaculate.

Hope it helps.  You are normal.  Puberty may not start until 15 for a male and that's in the normal range too.