Hello, i just have a question about the possibility of an STI or STD, i have these small light spots on the head of the penis or "glans" it seems to be maybe dry skin or something, also some dry lighter skin on the crown or below the head of the penis, they don't itch or burn, i have no problem urinating or ejaculating and for some reason with an erection the spots seem to blend if not disappear but then when i don't have an erection a lighter skin color of spots maybe 5 or 6 spots on the left side of the head "glans" they are small like one millimeter by one millimeter and are lighter than the rest of the skin color around it i have had unprotected sex a couple times with the same girl, she claims she was tested and healthy and i don't feel as if something is wrong because there is no itching or burning just the light spots and a little dry skin as if i got a small cut or something. Anyways i would like some information on what it might be, i doubt its a sign of an STD but maybe a fungus or acne? if possible? or maybe just dry skin that needs lotion and will be gone after a week or something. Also any recommendations of house lotions i have used Nivea Cream For Men and it seemed to heal over a little bit...Thank You For Your Responses. (please be serious and factual if possible) Thanks.