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I am 22 year old male. I have started masturbation from 17y. The way I am masturbating is without pulling foreskin fully. I dont touch the head of the penis straighter way. It is very difficult(don't feel well) to touch penis head by palm. I touch the foreskin and then I masturbated. The problem I have is my foreskin hasn't broken yet. How to brake the foreskin ? I have little fear whether this issue will effect my future life?
Please be kind enough to answer.

Thanks in advance.



You really need to work the foreskin if it won't slide freely. I'm guessing that is what you mean by "broken." You need to have some patience and slowly stretch the skin so that it will slide. It is not going to happen overnight, it can take weeks for this to happen. If it won't loosen up on its own, you may need to see an urologist for help. Generally, the foreskin loosens up by about 16 years of age on most boys.

Whatever you do, DO NOT FORCE the foreskin back. It can cause serious problems. Just go a little at a time.

I can understand that you don't want to touch the head of your penis as it will be sensitive. Eventually it will become less so once you can expose it. It takes time too.

Please post back if you have more questions. Good luck.


I don't know exactly what you mean by 'break' ? You mean to be able to pull the foreskin back fully...

I'm 20 now and had the same problems as you the last few years, and I've got over it now. I worked on stretching my foreskin back each time I bathed or took a shower trying to go a little bit further each time. Eventually the foreskin loosens and I can now easily get it back flaccid or erect. Be careful not to get the foreskin trapped behind the glans though, you'll have to squeeze your glans and pull the foreskin back in place before it starts to swell or a trip to A&E will be required - just be careful.

Onto touching your glans, its normal for it to be sensitive especially if its been under your foreskin for all these years. One way to de-sensitise your glans is to handle it under water. For example, when taking a bath grip the glans with your finger and thumb for a few seconds and then move to a different area. The warm water will confuse the nerve endings and take away that delicate feeling.

This worked for me anyway but I'm not a Doctor.