I tryed Yahoo Answers first, A little help but not much, Then I tryed "eHealth" forums, no replies after 10-20 days so now I'm trying here.

I am 16 years old and I am about to embark on a sexual relationship with my girlfriend, Only problem is I'm worried my Penis isn't...like...right?

I can pull the foreskin back when flaccid to clean but when erect, I can still pull it back but I tryed to go over the head and it was intense pain and got caught for a minute, I was panicing, I eventually got it back over the head within a few minutes.
My first problem is Foreskin related then. I have had tight foreskin because I was never told to pull it back, So I only started strecthing and pulling it back last year. Now I can fully bring it over the head, its loose enough to fit over the head, until it gets over. Cause when it gets over, its tight and in a weird, fat roll type shape. Now I'm contiuing strecthing it everday but how long should I try until I pull it all the way back again?

Second question, this one has me baffeled, I can't find a similar case anyway for my age. My urethra opening on my penis glans (meatus) is a strange reddy, pink colour. And the baffling thing is, diffrent from other cases, It doesn't hurt, I have no trouble urinating, I have itching at all, Its just red?! There seems to be no answer unless its a imflammation from leftover urine, but I'm really really not sure at all. It poses no real problem its just very un-attractive and does not look right, the Urethra is supposed to be the same colour as the glans right? Why is mine slightly red but my glans are pale/pink?

And Third question is, My penis is obviously sensitive because It's not used to contact, Now It will probably de-sensitise (as in, no stinging feeling) after a while. My main worry is just, Sex really. I want me penis to look attractive (no red urethra) and to "work properly", To feel pleasure, to have easy retraction of the foreskin. Because the main thing my girlfriend said she would like to do is Oral sex, And you need to pull back and have a less sensitive head for that right?