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What would you do
Listen to your heart or head 
I'm in love the girl doesnt love me 
I Can't talk to her realy im scared
I've loved her for 3 years nothing good has happened for me 
I'm Lonely Scared Confused Wanting 
I Have so much 
I Feel So Alone.


listen to ur heart man, my girl once told me she dident know what to listen 2 if was her heart or head and she chose her heart and now we still togehtre, talk 2 her man, listen 2 ur heart , 


Let me ask you a few questions...

Do you talk to this girl?
Do you know this girl?
Do you hang out with this girl?

Love is a strong word, and if you are basing this love just on her looks this is wrong, you cannot be in love with someone if you do not know everything about that person. You may think she is attractive and want her because if it but how do you really know if you have chemistry with her?

Emotion clouds logic. Often logic is the correct response. Especially in your situation.

I say tell this girl how you feel, or make an attempt to get to know her and you may end up not even liking her once you know her or liking her more and she may like you.

Or she may not like you and you have to accept that.

The last piece of advice I have for you about this (since I have gone through this is)

To get over a girl you have to get into yourself. You have to be happy with you, you have to make yourself happy because if you invest all of your happiness in her and she lets you down it will destroy you man... You will find yourself immersed in deep depression. Get into yourself. Do the things that make you happy and that you are good at. Better yourself, you are all that matters..

Hope my input help let me know more and I will be glad to try to further help