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Okay, here's the deal. My fiance and I found out she's pregnant earlier this month. Since then, she's had 3 blood tests, 2 of which cleared her for everything. Her test before the last test was just a week before. On the last test, which was earlier this week, it says that her results for Chlamydia is inconclusive and they want her to retest her. She was treated for an Ovarian Cyst about a week ago also. I plan to get tested myself as soon as I can make an appointment, just to be on the safe side.

Is it possible that the test is giving a false signal? I haven't been unfaithful, and I doubt very seriously if she has either.


I forgot to include. She's been tested by two different establishments. She was given a full exam by the biggest hospital in our city and the two other exams were done by an independent OB/GYN clinic. The third test, which is showing inconclusive was done by the OB/GYN clinic.