I will be brief if you want to stop the itching please stop eating sugar , that`s right , a lot of inake of sugar of any kind is what`s doing it . PLEASE put it to a test and you will see for your self . I have not had any sweets of any kind for  three [ 3 ] days until today I ate a hersey bar and some raisins about three [ 3 ] hours ago and I feel it starting up ; and by the way a lot of raisins will do it also .I learn about this about a month ago when I went crying to my wife about my feet and hands itchy and she told me it came from eating a lot of sugar because it has happen to her ; she had once thought someone had put voodoo oh her until she was told it was the sweets and since stop eating sweets she has lost 30 pounds and no more crazy itching . I read that some people are taking claritin and other allergy medicine , I have been taking wellness formular I think it`s better go on line and check it out . I had intent to be brief , but it`s always good to help others , now put the brush away and leave the sugar alone , that`s if you can ,yeah I know it`s not all that easy , but what you`re going to do the doctors can`t help you with this because they don`t know what to do. I hope I was able to help . feel better .