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Hello I am 19 years old and for about 6 months now I have a had an intense itch on the shaft of my penis and extreme redness on my scrotum. This started when I was trimming the area as I thought the itch was normal then it became much worse and red especially the scrotum being intensely itchy and bright red. The itch feels like it is coming from the hair follicles or deep within the skin like someone is sticking pins inside of me. It is especially bad when moving, when sedentary the itch is hardly there if at all but the redness remains. Any form of motion makes the itch unbearable. So far I have used these treatments but have had no success: 


Miconizole Nitrate 

Hydrocortisone (relives itching temporarily but soon returns) 

Various Moisturisers 

Perimithin for scabies

Fucidin Acid antibiotic cream 

Metronidazole oral antibiotic

Clarithromycin oral antibiotic

Mild soaps 

Non bio detergents 

Coconutoil due to its antifungal and antibacterial properties 

Been down the GUM clinic and tested for STD's but it's all clear. Been to various doctors but they are all perplexed to what it could be, waiting on a dermatologist appointment but can take up to 13 weeks! If someone has had this and found the solution please let me know as it is ruining my social life due to constant irritation and embarrassment of the problem.


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Have you tried an athlete's foot cream or powers on it to see if that helps?


Yes clotromizol and miconizole are both treatments for athletes foot also but they do not work, I have also tried fluconzole but that doesn't seem to work either. Thanks for the reply though :)


UPDATE: I have now visited a dermotologist he thinks it is genital dsythaenesia which is over active nerve ending in the area which is linked to my psychology. Due to having a few rough times in my life I agree with his diagnoses as I have also tried everything else. I am on amitryptiline 25mg and will work my way up until the condition goes. I will also change my lifestyle for the better and hope it resolves over time.