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I am scheduled to have a bunionectomy 12-21, the most intensive one where the dr breaks the joint and puts pins/ and a plate in. My bunion is ugly, but for the most part is not painful. I am 54, teach aerobics and have an active job/life. I decided to do it b/c I know it has to be done sooner or later. There is no arthritis. Based on the posts I think I could try some alternative strategies; it's partly driven b/c I want to do it since I have good insurance. The dr is basing it on the x-rays and degree of the joint separation. He did comment that it wouldn't be a problem in a 3rd world country b/c they do not wear shoes as much, so wondering if some shoe alternatives (minimalist shoes?) would help. I appreciate ANY feedback. I am also a pain wimp so scared of the recovery. Thanks.


My sister bought some of the shoes that have toes and they are very comortable for her to wear.  She has a lg bunion or 'old lady toe' as she calls it.