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this is a very simple question, and I am looking for your opinion :) What do you think, is it better to make or to buy noni juice? It is delicious, and I like it, but I never made it. I bought it and that is it. So, I saw this recipe on the internet, and I told to myself :" Ok, maybe you should make one". My point is, is it worth to make it or it is just better to buy it? Is it effective in the both cases? Does it taste the same or even similar? Did you ever made it? Sometimes, I am wondering is it possible to find all these ingredients that you need to make this juice :)

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Well, I would buy it anyway. I don’t know why. I have tried both juices – noni from the market and homemade noni :)

Homemade noni juice is OK, really can  be totally similar to the original, but when you prepare it you need to be very patient. Why? Because, when you want to drink noni juice at the moment, you just can go to the market and buy it. Of course, sometimes you won’t be able to buy it everywhere, but now you can find it almost everywhere.

Other side – if you want to make it, you will need to wait for 6 – 8 weeks until it is done to drink it. 



Hi there,

that is a great advice lol :) Better buy it then made it – it is much simple and it is easier :)

I know that I need to wait a lot of weeks until this juice is totally over and ready for drinking, but sometimes I think that homemade products are better than these products that I buy on the market. I was not sure if there is a difference between noni juice. I really hope that there is no difference at all and that this juice really can help me  lose my weight and stay healthy.

I won’t listen to you totally, I will buy some and I will make one, I don’t care how long I will need to wait. I will tell you is it ok.