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Hi there,

I was wondering how to take this amazing noni juice for weight loss? When and how? It is funny, because now I know how to make it, and I don't know how to use it :)

I was hoping that you are going to tell me more about this.

Yesterday, I found noni fruit at the supermarket that is not that far away from my home. I am very happy about this.

That means that I will be able to use this exotic fruit in my diet plan.

Tell me just how to take noni juice to lose my weight, and I will be happy :) 



you should start with 2 glasses daily, don't take more than this. After a while, when your body totally accept Noni, then you can increase your dose, but you don't have to. It depends on if it's necessary.

OK, the best time to take noni juice is the first thing in the morning, and half hour before your breakfast. After taking it, you can eat normally your diet breakfast. If you don't like the taste, you can mix it with water or with your favorite fruit juice, but I suggest water. It is healthier.

I hope that this will help you!

Best wishes!




Hello there,

thank you! I bought noni juice today, and it seems like I am going to start use it tomorrow, because the best thing is to take it early in the morning. :) Today, I am late :)

Never mind, I will do this tomorrow. OK, I will try to mix it with water, maybe I will like it more if it has strong taste :) But, it smells just fine :)

Well, I really need to try it tomorrow :) I will can this noni juice help me  lose weight. I hope so :)

Thank you once again. Keep in touch!