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Hey guys,

we were talking about this noni juice diet, and I basically know some benefits of noni juice diet, but I want to know more, I want to know what are the other benefits of noni juice diet besides weight loss? Can you tell me some health benefits of noni juice diet?

I tried this juice and it is amazing, and I know pretty much about it, but I need to admit that I am still learning how this diet exactly works :).

Do you know more about benefits? What can I expect from noni juice diet? I don’t expect any miracles, but something I must expect :)



well there are a lot of benefits beside weight loss. One of the most important benefits for me is because this noni juice is totally anti –cancer. This is very important and notable. So, it is true that noni juice can actually help you fight or to prevent cancer.  You can find a lot of positive experience with this. It is not a fake fact, it is true. This fruit contains some substance (I don't know the name of substance, but you can find it online if you really need the name), and that substance will suppress the growth of the new cancer cells.

Do you need more positive things? :)