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Hello there,

I am so into this noni juice diet. I found some amazing recipes :) I hope that you are going to like it. I found this one :)

Noni berry smoothie

You need : ¾ cup of tofu, one cup of frozen strawberries, one frozen banana, half cup of vanilla soy milk, one cup of noni juice, 3 ice cubes and if you want, you can add some peanut butter.

It is very simple to make it. Just put all ingredients into a blender and blend until it's smooth. You can drink / eat it immediately.

You see, it is very simple and you don't need a lot of time to prepare it. I think that I am going to love it?

Do you have some noni juice recipes? 


I have tried this recipe, I found it on the internet as well. So, go for it, try it, you are going to be thrilled. It is delicious.

I have another recipe that everyone in my house just love, even if some of them are not on a diet program :)

Banana beverage

You need one scoop of vanilla and soy milk, one banana, grape nuts, cup of skim milk, one cup of ice and noni juice. You need to blend all ingredients until smooth. It is very similar to your recipe, but I love this one even more. You just can’t go wrong with banana and vanilla :) 




These are really amazing recipes. I did not try these yet, but I am sure that I will – soon. But, if you ask me, noni is the best combined with raw food. Any kind of raw food. You can't go wrong with it. It is very healthy. Anyway, noni is recognised as one of the natural super foods. It is rich in minerals, amino acids, enzymes, vitamins.  So, when you combine noni juice with some raw groceries, make sure that the groceries are not that much full of vitamins and other things. Noni is there to help you :)

You can blend every raw grocery with noni juice, you can't go wrong.