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Hi there,

can you tell me what is noni juice good for? I have read a lot of good things, but I need to know how noni juice can help me?

My mom is diabetic and she wants to drink this juice each day. I have heard that this is OK, and that diabetics can actually drink a lot of noni juice.

Is that true, can this be harmful to her? She is 67 years old and she has no other health problems. She is diabetic since she was 14 years old.

Can noni juice actually help her fight diabetes? 


Basically, noni juice is good for almost everything :) It will help you fight almost every health problem that you have.  Your mom can use noni juice every day, but she should not use it too often. Remember, you don't need to exaggerate. That is the key for good health. If she is diabetic, she can drink this juice without fear. This is basically a healthy tonic, so I don't see how can harm your health. So, buy noni juice to her, it won't help her  fight diabetes, but it will help her  have less problems than usually.

Talk to you latter!



It is good for almost everything :) It is a healthy tonic, totally natural and amazing. I think that we should drink this noni juice, no matter if we are on some kind of diet or not. It could only help, it won't harm you. Of course, you need to check if you are  allergic to some ingredients – plants, because if you are, then you can't drink noni juice, no matter how god it is.

So, I have to say that you should try it, I am sure that you are going to love it :)

I do love it. It is a little different from all other juices, but it is nice.

Take care



Hello girls,

thanks a lot of these comments. I am now 100 % sure that I will drink this juice – I hope that it is not expensive :). But I am sure that I am going to love it :)

I must say that you are great support! Without your opinion I would not even try to drink it, because I am always skeptical to the new things :) Thank you.

I bought this noni juice  today and I will start to drink it soon. Wish me luck, because I think that I am going to need it :)

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