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Basically i don't know what's wrong?
I now and again get a UTI and well i went away back in october and i forgot to go to the doctors the day before i went, i left it and took some like cystitis relief things? and well it got a bit better but i know it was a bladder infection because it was the same as i had before and well i got terrible pains in my back and all that and i was sure i'd be going to the doctors when i got back.
Well i came back home and it kinda felt better it's like it had gone but i still now and again got the pain and it still hurt when i urinated and that.
Buuut i ignored it, which probably didn't help.

Now i went to the doctors eventually and they said there was nothing wrong, and left me to deal with it on my own. (which is a bit cheeky)
but now it's a lot worse, i don't get the pain in my back but i can't remember what it feels like to urinate without the burning feeling.

I know it definitely gets worse when i drink alcohol, keeps me up all night! and i really just can't enjoy myself anymore.

OH also the urine smells! like stale and horrible.
also a dark yellow in colour. almost browny sometimes?!

Basically just wondered if anyone knew what's wrong with me? aha.


You definitely have something going on. I tendto get UTI's alot. However, the dr may not have been able to get any trace of infection fromyoururine sample that day that you went because you had taken some medicine to self-treat your condition. That's why they say not to do that, haha. I have done that before. I got a UTI and took an antibiotic that I had leftover because it was so painful, and went to the DR that afternoon and they said that I didn't have anything wrong with me and I went home and suffered with the UTI for three more days. You need to drink more water. Sounds like youralso dehydrated (the dark urine color). And perhaps you have an STD (not all STD's are horrible and deadly- some are very common) or other type of infection. It is possible to transfer a UTI back andforth between a spouse/sex partner andnot even know it. Men don't tend to notice UTI's as much nor are their symptoms as harsh. Try to wear cotton panties, make sure to clean off the area thouroughly after sex, drink plenty of fluids, and always wipe front to back. It is really easy for women to get Uti's just because we are naturally more moist down there, and bacteria spreads quickly in moisture.
I am not sure why you would have pain in your back, unless the UTI has spread to your kidney's which is possible and very dangerous. I think you need to go back to the dr (a diffone) for a second opinion. I have never had a bladder infection, so I am not sure what that feels like or the symptoms. But itsoundspretty bad andIknow it is uncomfortable. Don't takeany more medicinefor it foratleast 24 hours before going back to the dr. I know it will be horrible, but it is the only way to make sure your infection won't be masked during their test. Best of luck to you!!!!