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So as I have said before , I'm 13 with no period since august. I asked my friend what she thinks and she said its like clogged up inside me . And she said it can be life threatening 'cause when I DO get my period again , its gonna be a heavy flow with a lot of blood . So basically I'm going to lose a lot of blood . I'm nervous is that true ? -help


No, there is no cause for worry at all. When you start your periods they aren't always regular, they can come and go and stop entirely for a while. This is perfectly normal for most teenagers. The hormones are all over the place and its only when they fall into a regular pattern do you have a bleed every month.

When you get older, if you miss a period for any reason, it can sometimes be heavier but nothing that is going to be unmanageable, just sometimes a little heavier and more uncomfortable.

So I would forget about it, have fun and not give it another thought for now.