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I know this sounds sickening and sorry if you've got a weak stomach but I could do with a bit oh help, i'm really nervous about seeing a doctor.Basically, I believe it all started when I was about ...13~. I was playing on a tree and a branch scrapped a bit of my butt and since then I bleed when I poop.Lately it's got a bit worst - my anus now is really itchy (not from hygiene/wiping properly) and all of the sudden is quite sensitive. I'm 17 now and It's been going on for quite a long time. Also, is it normal for your Anus to be a pink color (Male)? I also decided to look at some pictures of a "healthy" anus, and I noticed a lot of them are closed. I know this is sickly but mine isn't. It's like a constant hole. PLEASE TELL ME THIS IS NORMAL?! (I've never had Anal Sex).I'm really embarrassed, and too scared to see a Doctor. Please don't tell me to tell my parents first; I'd like to see some views on here first.Kind regards.


Hi Guest!  I'm sorry to hear that you are too embarrassed/scared to look after your health.  I cannot tell you this is normal because unfortunately it is not.  I have Celiac Disease which I have to stay on a gluten-free diet for the rest of my life it is an autoimmune disease - I see a gastroenterologist at least once a year (this is a 'gut' doctor that looks at your anus, intestines, etc).  I have to watch for blood from my anus as well because if this happens I have to see my gastro doc as I know something internally is wrong, you could have any # of things wrong with your intestines, it could be an allergy reaction to food (such as wheat), it could be an infection, it could be nothing BUT you have to at least go see your family doctor to rule anything out.  Your family doctor is whom will make a referral to a specialist who deals with the sort of ailments as you have. 

I believe you when you say you have never had 'anal sex' because if you google bleeding from anus that will be one of the things that pop up to look at - I'm female and have never done that either (and never will because of my disease).  I know it is uncomfortable to talk to someone about this, OK it's embarrassing BUT your health should never suffer, it might be something serious and it might be nothing, GO get it checked out.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news - hope this helps.