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For the last two-three months, my periods have been 3 days, with light brown spotting for about half a day after that. Usually, they're 4-5 days. There were 7 weeks between my last two cycles.

One week before my last period, I had a negative pregnancy test...even the (–) showed up as really faint.

I would say my last period was light to moderate.

I've really only noticed a few POSSIBLE pregnancy symptoms:
- stomach discomfort/brief periods of cramping
- slight discomfort in breasts that doesn't last long
- increased appetite
- weight gain
- nausea (without vomiting) after eating meals...usually after lunch
- occasional constipation

Guess I'm just confused about what's going on in this body of mine. Any ideas?


Well most of the time pregnancy tests are 97% affective. But if you still think that you might be, make an appointment with your doctor and get a blood test done. Good luck!