It will be one year that I've dated the guy of my dreams on Oct 24th. I love him more than words can describe and I feel like either I am a problem to him or I'm hurting him. We had sex about 10 times through out the relationship and everytime he can not maintain an erection. He can start one but it does not hold. He has tried viagra, cilias and over the counter pills but his erections dont last longer than 5 minutes. He loves oral sex performed on him but he still can not maintain during that either. At first he said he was tired, then another night bc he drank too much but then he came around and told me that he takes xannax for anxiety. He has to take the medication several times a day and in general he is shy and reserved. I could spend the rest of my life with this guy with no sex if I had too because that is how much i love him for who he is but I worry that maybe its me that hes not really interested in. I have asked him and he told me it's not me and that he feels hopeless when it comes to sex. Now I am concerned that I am hurting him bc he knows how much I desire him. I don't know what to do, how to react or what words I'm suppose to say to make him okay with this problem. He told me that hes always had this problem but one of his friends told me, it was just with me. His friend and I don't get along well so it may have been an attempting to run me off but I must admit it concerns me that I could be the problem... but why would he stick around for a whole year? I'm so damn confused... Please help me!