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I'm not a virgin, and I have been fingered before. But when I got fingered by a different guy it hurt so much. Now when I had sex before I bled a little, and I felt a stinging sensation after, but when I was fingered before I didn't feel this pain. When I got fingered by this new guy he was going a little rough, but it didn't seem that rough until it started hurting, and afterward it hurt to walk and sit/more a certain way. Also when I went to the bathroom it was burning/stinging a little but within the first day. Does this mean that my hymen wasn't completely broken when I had sex, and now it is? If not, what caused this?


Well if you bled when you had sex the first time I'm pretty sure it would've penetrated all the way through

it could be that you have an infection

and the other guy didn't cut his nails