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the other day my boyfriend fingered me and used more than one finger and it was quite sore.i have never had sex but the next day i was bleeding and my vagina felt painful. i bled a bit and some yellow liquid came out. is my hymen broken?


The yellow liquid is probably clear fluid and some blood that makes it yellow. Could be a yeast infection because you were exposed to bacteria when doing that. But I wouldnt jump to that conclusion. If its still bleeding tell me.

Ok heres my real solution. I think usually when you have sex the vagina needs more room. So you probably broke a bit of your hymen. This usually happens to people that masturbate. Look at your hymen and see if it is bigger than it used to be. Don't worry it's normal. You just have to worry about more chance of infection from bacteria, virus, parasites or even hazardous chemicals. It's not likely though.