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Hi guys.

My problem started several weeks ago. All of sudden I started having sleep problems. Nothing indicates such thing, I'm having wonderful and supportive husband, 4-years old son whom I adore and solid-paid job, shortly, I'm not under heavy pressure or anything similar.

But because insomnia continued, I went to my doctor to have his opinion about matter. He suggested me to take zopiclone but I'm suspicious about this drug. Especially after colleague of mine said to me that she had terrible withdrawal symptoms although they told her that zopiclone isn't addictive at all?!

Can anyone help me with my doubt?


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Hello, Haley.

I can share my mother's experience with you, and you can decide whether you will take zopiclone or not. 

She was also told that zopiclone isn't addictive at all and used it for two months, as I recall (not abusing, I'm 100% positive about that). She don't drink alcohol or smoke, only drinks 2-3 cups of coffee daily. 

Then, she decided to stop taking it because her condition improved to the point she felt that drug is not needed anymore.

Before I knew it, she was waking up in what I now know was withdrawal. Terrible anxiety, stomach pain, cold sweat and nausea were her symptoms. She even started using it every morning since regular dose wasn't enough. We were forced to hide drugs from her.

Finally, with our help and support she went through rehab process.

Now, that can be isolated case and my advice is to seek another opinion (or two), because there is very much controversy around zopiclone.

Good luck.