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and more probably.....

I come from a family of seven boys so I know I have small genitals. I am actually slightly under average when erect but extremely small when flaccid. This has allways been cause for embarassment for me.

I broke up with my gf of five years recently and I can not get the confidence to date anymore because of it. With my ex the sex just happened and we were both clueless about what to expect. We were young and eachother's firsts and had no expectations. We were both great at oral sex but vaginal intercourse was never good for her and good for me only until I realized that it did not stimulate her at all.

So I am still young, healthy and wanting to start a family eventually but can not gather up the confidence to date. The idea of a woman seeing my genitals is frightning. Not to mention having sex! I am strongly considering penis enlargemet surgery. I think it would give me the boost in confidence to get my life moving again. I am looking for feed back from men who have gone through this and women who have been affected by it. The thought of surgery does not scare me. I am very healthy. And I have reasonable expectations as far as gains in size. An extra inch when flaccid and maybe half when erect would do wonders for me.



surgery on something for presious does not sound good to me

the vagina is from 3-4.5inches as long as your penis is that big, you can fully fill your partner, its not about the size as much as the technique

if you have great technique and can make a girl feel good or orgasm she wont care if your penis is 4 inches 7 inches or 9 inches

dont be selfconsious, that will make sex very hard...many guys have smaller penises that you im just accept your tool, and learn how to use it

surgery sounds risky