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I am 16 and my penis won't grow! I have been 16 for 7 and a half month and I'm 5'10 I weigh 120 and my penis is like 2 or 3 inches flaccid and 5 to 6 inches hard. But it's very skinny and my balls are rather small. I have seen all other signs of puberty tho in that I have a deep voice and I grow hair on my body. I'm in highschool and it seems that all of my friends have big penises but me. Please help.


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Hey there's I totally understand how you feel as I was/am the same way..... believe it or not 5-6in is an average erect length for an adult penis ... how big is your girth. Both flaccid and erect?   Are you overweight at all?  You mention all your friends are bigger than you.  Are you talking erect length flaccid length or both? Do you know this because you have actually seen their penis or because they tell you how big they are?