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Ok.. so i'm 25 female. I've had chicken pox and recently got over SHINGLES. That was late may early june of this year 2006.
The shingles were located just under my armpit ... just below the hair line...and around my shoulder blade and on the side of my right breast.
Then immediately after i got a blocked sweat gland in my right arm pit.
Oh yes.. and i was treated for virtigo recently as well.. mostly better but i was put on flonase and some virtigo meds to take orally as well.. i forget it's name.
I still have mild vertigo.. but it's better mostly.
I get frequent headache as well.
Now it's just about september 1st. 2006 I've discovered an itchy rash over my whole torso and around my throat. I've been feeling run down and tired recently. My armpit is sore and has pimple like bumps in the hair.. i can't shave right now because it makes it worse. Unfortunatly i can't see a doctor at the moment.. it's going to take me forever to get an appointment.

Anyone have any ideas as to what this could be? The sores are flat.. reddish and itchy... slightly raised. No pus... and this isn't an alergic reaction.. i've already taken the anti histamines.



it could be psorasis something, I have psorasis and sometimes it gets red,itchy and burns I would see a dermetologist though. good luck! XD


it is probably scabies , look it up on the net and go to doc and tell him you want the stuff where he beleives you or not i did and it got rid of them it is a mite that burrows under the skin , it is active alot at nite check it out to be sure