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Okay so I'm not sure what's really going on but here goes. I'm trying to figure out what is normal and what isn't and from what I've read female ejaculation can sometimes smell a little like urine correct? Now here's the tricky part for me, as far as I know I don't have orgasms but I do ejaculate(squirt/gush) but everywhere I look I see posts about only squirtin while having an orgasm so am I really peeing? Can someone squirt without having an orgasm? Any tips on how to actually have an orgasm- I'm in my mid twenties so this is a bit embarrassing for me.


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Female ejaculate on its own should not smell of urine, but please say more about your sensations and exactly what happens. The gush (from your vagina) would normally be associated with an orgasm, but it might not be the climactic peak you normally associate with an orgasm. It could be that if you are not orgasming fully, then you are mixing urine with your ejaculation. Perhaps your urethral sphincter is not closing off properly.

Every one's experience of orgasm is individual.

Some men ejaculate without an orgasm, and some orgasm without ejaculating.

If you are concerned, you could consult a urologist to test whether everything is working correctly.