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Hello Everyone,

I just want to post my gratitude for the compassionate people on this site.

I have browsed many sites that have blogs with topics on abortion and every one of them has at least one (usually nearly all) horribly rude, nasty, degrading comment about the person who is posting their concern. After reading a good number of posts on this site, I have not found one single negative comment. I even found people who have never had an abortion supporting people who have.

Thank you all for being such kind-spirited people. You are the reason I chose to join this site.


Thank you lackluster. The majority of our regular members, mods and supporters here are kind hearted and extremely sensitive to others and their issues. Many if not all of us have been in someones boat at one time or another, so it's easy for us to help, or at least try. Every now and again you may see something that was insensitive or rude in nature, we will usually reprimand the poster or just make it go away, period. We all live in the same world, we all bleed red and we all need to be considerate of our brothers and sisters. There is to much hate in the world as it is and it's nice to know that there is always some place you can log on to and your support will be there.

Thanks for joining us and we hope you hang out a while. You will soon get to know a bunch of us quite well as we are lurking around the site as often as we can. Happy posting :-D