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For the past three months, I've noticed strange vaginal discharge a few days before ovulation. It is a cream-colored, very thick discharge almost like rubber cement. It has no odor and does not itch. Like clockwork, it comes on the 10th day of each cycle (I have a 28-day cycle). Is this normal? Is it some sort of sign for ovulation? I don't think it could be fertile CM because it's not very stretchy and is very thick. I have no STD's and no vaginal infections. The only reason I am concerned is because it is something that started recently. I had a miscarriage five months ago and it seems to have started soon after the miscarriage, so maybe my body has changed. Please help. Thanks!


Hi there,
I have had the same exact symptoms since I stopped taking birth control. This was not something I experienced during that time. But for most of the last year, I have had this symptom sometime mid-cycle, and my assumption is that it is related to ovulation.

I have much longer cycles than you do, between 36-40 days, so this happens around the 23rd day or so (that's what it was this month).

Is this something that happens just before, or just after, ovulation? I can't find much information about this kind of discharge.

As you described, it is a very large amount, thick and like rubber cement. There is no odor at all, and it is creamy/almost clear. I know I don't have any STD's, and it has consistently happened almost every month at the same time. If it was an STD, it would happen much more frequently and with no visible pattern (I assume, I have never had on e).

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!