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I have always had regular periods, my cycle is 28-29 days and i always have the same period symptoms every month which are sore lower back, lower abdominal cramping, tender/sore breasts and slight pain in right ovary area.

My period is now 3 days late, however a a pregnancy test showed negative. I am getting white smelly discharge, occassional lower abdominal cramping and I have heavy breats, however they are not sore. Other than this i have had no other symptons and feel fine. Sometimes, it feels as though im going to start my period, but i never do. I really do not know what is going on and feel worried as im usually like clockwork. Could this be an infections or could the pregnancy test be a false negative? Has anyone else experienced the same thing?

I have been pregnant before where i had all of the pregnancy syptoms. This feels very different, but im not sure what to think.

Help and advice is very welcome.


were you pregant