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I have lost 75 pounds by doing weight watchers, i started at 245 lbs and am now 170 lbs. It took me one year to get this far and i still have a bit to go but i hope to lose the last 15 pounds by the end of this summer. Anyways, eventhough i have lost this weight and i should feel great, i do, but i dont know who i am anymore. I look in mirrors and i dont recognize myself i didnt even know who i was in a picture. I over estimate my clothing and my food. I will pile my plate still sometimes and i just cant eat it. I thought after losing weight it would make me happy and i've just ended up very confused with myself and my identity. I've found people are nicer to me and i get more attention and i cant formulate it in my mind why this is happening. Its all so strange to me, because it seemed to happen to fast. Can anyone offer me advice on how to connect my mind with my new body and help me accept the way i look now? %-)


I was in a similar position, you were too use to seeing yourself overweight and living that life style. I know you might not like hearing this but, through time you will feel more comfortable with your life.

I now feel like I'm living a completely different life, losing the weight is the best thing you could do ! Go out there and have fun !