Good Morning. I went to the UK last year and experience a lot of health problems. My white blood count were very high and the red blood very low. My Immunesistem was very low as well. I was tired all the time. To tired to eat and although I know I need to eat more red meat or things with Iron I just couldn’t do it. I use to love meat but not any more. I lost about 22 kg in that time. They tested me for lots of things but couldn’t find something bleeding. They said the wanted to test for leukaemia but they didn’t. I got iron tablets from an other doctor and used it for about 7 months. It made me feel lots better but for the last two weeks I’ve experience that tiredness again. The thing I want to know is do You think that the iron tablets could have interfered with the tests because I start using it for about 2 months before I’ve seen a specialist. they new about it. I search for the symptoms on the Internet and the only thing I found was some kidney disease. Its not as bad as last year but I really don’t want to experience that again.

Do you think I need to go for more tests? I want to start exercise again because most of the time that gives you energy but I know if my iron levels are to low I can harm my heart.