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So One Night I Was Just Sitting On My Couch, And All Of A Sudden I Felt A Sharp Stabbing Pain On My Lower Right Side Of My Abdomen And I Thought It Was Nothing At First So I Didn't Tell Anyone Then It Didn't Really Go Away So I Told My Gramma And She Gave Me Some Asprin And It Went Away For The Night. Then The Next Morning My Stomach Had A Pain Of Pressure As If Someone Was Sitting On My Stomach Or As If I Had Pulled A Muscle. And That Pressure Pain Is Still Going On Its Been About 4-5 Days Since The Stabbing Pain. And I Mean I'm Not Constipated Or Anything It's Just A Weird Pressure Pain On My Lower Abdomen. Also, I've Just Kinda Started A Birth Control. So, Maybe That Could Be A Cause. But I Don't Know.

 Then I've Been Getting These Weird Sharp Pains On My Head At Weird Times. Out Of No Where. There Will Be Pain For About 10 Seconds Then It'll Go Away Then Come Back This Is Really Weird....If You Know Anything Please Help Me Out.


its possile. she needs to take a pt