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Can I continue with LPG treatments while pregnant ??


Hey Erine. First of all congratulations. How are you feeling? As you know pregnancy is special condition so you need to understand that various things can affect you. For example you probably have noticed that some foods which you used to eat every day now is making you sick. Your body is three times more sensitive now and you should listen the messages it is sending to you. 

Even some cosmetics can make you sick and this includes anti cellulite creams and lotions. Lpg cellulite treatment is a combination of deep tissue massage and suction and this affects your skin directly. So maybe you should check with your doctor before you continue with the treatments just to be rest assured. And if you continue and see that it doesn't do you good than listen to your body and stop with the program while you are pregnant. Afterwards you can continue and even combine it with some adjusted diet and exercising to make the results of the treatment even more effective.