So, about a month or so ago, I noticed I had a small lump above the "vampire tooth" on the left side of my mouth at the top. I had a dentist appointment (conveniently) that week so I asked about it and he said it was just a small fibromyalgia and that if it didn't go away within a couple weeks to schedule an appointment. It started going away and, for a short time, it would bleed excessively whenever I'd touch it. After another week or so, it started swelling up again, and it's not as sensitive to touch, so it doesn't bleed as easily. But I accidentally popped it and it started to bleed a lot! And then it started to turn a sort of bruise-like purple (it was originally red) I experience no pain from it, I just don't really want this in my mouth and I'm wondering if I should see about getting it lasered off?