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I had a small white lump on the white of my eyeball on the edge where my contact lenses sit. At first I thought it was just conjunctivitis, as my eyes were really red and irritated so was treated with chloromysetin drops. The eyes cleared but the lump never went away. Now 2 months down the track I had to have the lump removed as it had started growing a 'tail' nearly half a cm in length. The opthamologist had never seen it before so couldn't give me any more info - it wasn't painful just uncomfortable - i'm concern as the lump seems to not have been completely removed so I'm hoping it doesn't strike again but would really like to know what it was?


I wonder about mine, too. But, I don't wear reading glasses or redness. I think the redness is probably from your contact lenses between the air space and the lump.

It is a small white like a sort of a small crescent or eclipse on left side of of my brown eye. I am disappointed to read your issue that grow back.

I wonder that if it could be too much calcium in our body.