I've been having this weird lump under the head of my penis, on the shaft. It's not big, maybe half a centimeter across. It doesn't hurt to touch. I've been having some weird pains, but they only appeared when i noticed the lump and I think they might be caused because i'm thinking too much into it and waiting for pain that will or will not happen. The lump is most prominent when not erect(and it fades out when the penis becomes too flacid.It appears when it's inbetween.Not too erect and not too flacid.Just..normal).


I can get a normal erection and...well, nothing changed in that regard. I can ejaculate and I can pee without any pain aswell. Tho the lump becomes much more prominent after an erection/ejaculation. Then it subsides little by little over a few days, but still stays in a small form. I also have a huge lump under it. It's basically as big and as long as...hmm...maybe a small pinky(finger)? I have it for a few years. Could it be somehow related? I'm afraid it could be a blood clot, but wouldnt I be having erectile problems then? Also, it's quite soft. I've been really active in my sex life lately (only 1 partner, my fiancee).

The lump itself (the small one, the one that i'm worried about now) appeared maybe 2 weeks ago or so. I'm quite scared.