Hello! I am a 17 year old male. I have never had sexual intercourse with anyone, although I have had oral sex (first time for my partner and I). I have had an odd lump on my scrotum for several months now. This appeared before I did anything even remotely sexual with my partner, but after the oral sex it came to my attention that the lump wasn't going away. The lump itself seemed to be under the skin (near the testicles but not attached to them) and I was stupid enough to squeeze it thinking it might be a pimple. It didn't pop, but a clear fluid came out after I squeezed too much. It got swollen because I messed with it too much and it's a little bit sore. This is the only lump like this I have ever seen on this part of my body. If I leave it alone, the swelling goes away, but the lump is still there (less recognizable). I can't get the dang thing to go away! 

I don't want to do anything obvious and see a doctor because I don't want my parents to get the wrong idea about my partner and I. However, this has kept me up at night because I'm just really worried that it might be something bad. This is probably nothing, but when I was younger I would sleep naked and my cat would always cuddle with me on my bed. I've never done anything strange or sexual to my cat (she was indoor/outdoor) but I am just going to assume, since I don't remember, that at one point or another I may have rolled over onto my cat in my sleep and maybe it's possible that my genitals touched her or something along those lines (I PROMISE, nothing weird ever happened, I was just a little kid that liked to cuddle with my favorite pet!). Could that be the source? Maybe my cat has some weird disease I accidentally received? Anyways, I can't see a doctor because I don't have a car and don't want to worry my parents. I just want to know if anyone here has seen or heard of anything similar to this. Please help me out!